Sunday, November 23, 2008

Something You Can Do About It Right Now: Sign This Petition

This is what it says: I join in unity with all free people and nations in the world against Islamic religious hatred and intolerance being fomented against our human right of freedom of expression. We stand against the vicious threats of bodily harm and destruction being made in blatant protest of this basic right. We ask our leaders to stand up against these threats of intimidation. We ask them to send a strong message to the Islamic world and the perpetrators of hate and intolerance that threats to our freedoms or acts of violence and terror against us will not be tolerated. We demand that our governments of free and democratic nations and all of their legislators speak out in one voice denouncing this growing, fascist, religious assault against human rights and take immediate action to protect the freedoms therein from intimidation and fear of death or destruction.

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