Monday, September 2, 2013

You Are the Cure

On our Facebook page, someone wrote (I'm paraphrasing), "I'm not able to say how disgusted and angry orthodox Muslims make me feel. No words can convey it. I'm just hoping mankind can find a cure for this deadly social cancer."

That last sentence is a very common comment by people who have discovered the intolerance and hostility and calls to violence embedded in core Islamic doctrines. My answer to the commenter is a message I want to give to everyone:

YOU are the cure. When someone is running a scam on people, what's "the cure?" Can you track them all down and stop them? Not a chance. Can you eradicate scams once and for all? No, you can't. Can you "ban" scams? It wouldn't do any good. But you don't need to even try any of these things. You only need to blow the lid off the game.

Here's how we deal with scams: We share information when we find out about a scam, and then other people are wise to the scam and don't fall for it. That's all we need.

Orthodox Muslims are making inroads in the free world only because too many of us don't know the scam. Too many of us don't understand the true nature of Islamic doctrine. That's where YOU come in. We can't rely on the media. We sure as hell can't rely on politicians. That leaves personal relationships.

Reach people. If you are having trouble doing that, here is a handbook on the subject: Getting Through.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

O Ancient Warrior fixed
Within the midnight sky,
Let your ancient wisdom
Shine, and glimmer and spy,
Upon our every step
Through this struggle of death and rebirth,
So that we may seize in battle
All which is of merit and worth,
Teach us the lessons and truths
Of your grand story,
That our Crosses and shields may be bathed
In reddish works of glory,
Guide our arrows
With your sacred, crimson light.
As you uplift our minds
With your majesty, valiance and might,
So shall we honor you with our words,
As we follow the path of the Holy Roman sword,
So that at last we may take
Our rightful place in history,
To rest upon the seat
Of final, lasting victory.