Friday, August 16, 2013

Seeing More Headscarves

When I was a kid, I never saw Islamic-style headscarves worn by anyone in my town. I first saw one a few years ago. Now I see them all the time. And it bothers me. Does that make me a racist?

People all over the free world are seeing the same thing, and are feeling disturbed by it. Concerned. Frightened even. Does that mean we are xenophobic bigots? The answer is no. I'm sure there are racist xenophobes among us, but for those of us aware of Islamic ideology and Islamic history, the reason we are uncomfortable with a growing number of Muslims in our midst is simple and reasonable: It has traditionally spelled doom for the existing culture. Islam annihilates cultures.

Islamic headscarves are indicative of ideology. If a Muslim woman believes in Islamic ideology, she will wear a headscarf. A headscarf is one of the few publicly visible signs of Islamic devotion. And if she believes in Islamic ideology, she will probably have lots of children and indoctrinate her children with the ideology too (Islamic texts encourage fecundity and indoctrination). And Islamic ideology is dangerous to non-Muslims. The higher the percentage of Muslims in a given population, the more dangerous they are (because of Islam's rule of numbers).

But I'm not a bigot or a xenophobe, and here's how I can tell: When I see a Hindu woman in a headscarf, it doesn't bother me a bit. Hindu ideology is not dangerous to non-Hindus. When I see a Buddhist monk, I don't feel concerned. If I saw a growing number of Buddhist monks in my town, it wouldn't bother me at all.

And I'm not a racist. If I saw more and more Japanese people in my town, it wouldn't disturb me at all.

It's the ideology. Anyone who understands what it says in Islamic texts should be concerned at the growing number of Muslims in our midst.

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Samson Steel said...

Thank u very much, this helps..This is exactly what i feel..If hard core Muslims want to live following the Sharia principles and live the way different from western culture & laws , why are they here in non-muslim lands?.There are 50 or so muslim countries for that.First muslim's flee, their Islamic country, where they were sad and seek refugee in non-muslim/westren land where they are happy .It's funny that they don't blame Islam or their leaders or even their laws, but blame the country, where they are happy and what to convert into the laws of the same land where they were sad..How strange..This is a beautiful blog to the truth,Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Am I an Islamophobe?
I am retired now but spent many years as an engineer working in Arab countries. I honestly never felt welcome in any of these countries and witnessed extreme hypocrisy and blatant double standards. Through the 90's - 2000 we saw more female engineers joining the industry. The problems encountered when our female engineers traveled to projects in the Arab countries were horrendous. The disrespect and contempt that was shown to our female well educated professionals by the Arabs would make your blood curdle. No effort at all was made to hide their hatred. This was not only the Arab officials but the general population. Now when I see such large numbers of Arabs walking the streets of England this is very very worrying for me. I walk past a the site that was a youth club when I was young. It is now a Mosque, I don't have the words to express how upsetting this is to me, as having visited most Arab countries this tolerance we have is far too one sided. The tenacity of this cult will eventually destroy the freedoms that so many previous generations have made great sacrifices to acquire (especially from a female perspective).
It is sad but can't see a future where we can integrate with the Islamic population, or even find a common ground. How can our children go to school and grow up together. The tabu's and the fear of retribution from their families and religious elders will stop our young from integrating. This will carry the animosity to the next generation. Unless steps are taken to protect our freedom and way of life. I think our culture will be overwhelmed over the next few generations. Our tolerance and mustn't grumble attitude will not stand a chance against the tenacity of a cult that only has one agenda. Reading back at what I've written sounds like I'm ranting, but I genuinely feel that once the Muslim population gain more of a majority, we will be subjected to the oppression that they originally ran from.