Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Method

The following is an excerpt from the article, Wilders Prosecution is a Welcome Opportunity to Expose Islam:
Tarek Ramadan visited the Islamic Center in Bilelefeld, Germany (May 21, 2008) and gave a speech. Before he began his speech, he asked if there were any journalists in audience. As the answer was negative, he said, “OK, now I feel free to say what I really want.” Ramadan is well-known for telling his infidel audience something and his Muslim audience another thing.

Ramadan said, “My brothers and sisters, we must exploit the so-called democracy and freedom of speech here in the West to reach our goals. Our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the Koran teach us that we must use every conceivable means and opportunity to defeat the enemies of Allah. Tell the infidels in public, we respect your laws and your constitutions, which we Muslims believe that these are as worthless as the paper they are written on. The only law we must respect and apply is the Shari’s.”

Ramadan added, “The Germans claim that they want to integrate you in their society. We tell them we are going to integrate them in our Umma (Muslim world) after converting them to Islam.”

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Anonymous said...

Sir, I completely agree with you. Ever since I first listened to muslims pretending to accept democratic values when I was a kid I realised it was all a huge act of hypocrisy. Extremist muslims do not believe in anything but Islam and they can never be trusted. I just wonder why people are so stupid not to realise it.

Anonymous said...

Please don't lie Tariq Ramadan never said this. More importantly, stop judging Islam by the acts of "Muslims", there are millions of people in every religious group who kill,steal,rape and lie. One could easily make Christianity look as bad by selectively glossing over the last millennium of European history and focusing on the many unjust wars and massacres. In the Quran itself it says la-ikraha-fiddeen, meaning there is no compulsion in religion. Muhammad pbuh, said whosoever harms a Jew or a Christian shall have me as his accuser. I have grown up in the US and while I am a practicing Muslim I consider the US my home, I can't imagine living anywhere else and if you are really concerned about this nation consider that drugs/gangs and the emergence of China/India are much larger threats than "radial Islamists" Visit a mosque, and you will find it truly is a peaceful religion, despite people acting like its not.

Platypus Paws said...

Hello Anonymous.
Tariq Ramadan has been accused of doublespeak a lot. How do you know it is or isn't true? I can't find a video recording of this either way.

Also, your argument assumes Muslims & Christians create their religion. But the Central figures of Jesus or Mohammed are the guides of their religions, are they not?

So I compare Jesus vs Mohammed to show the trajectory of their effects. They also each say who & who isn' their follower.

The quote you say is 5:32, a common Apologist quote, but you miss out the violent part of it, showing the opposite meaning.

Isn't it also true that the Principal of Abrogation means the later violence comes before the peaceful quotes when Mohammed was powerless?

Did not Mohammed (not Jesus) preach & practice violent, offensive Jihad?

Mohammed maybe started a good man, but I cannot agree what he practiced & taught was not evil.

I mean MOHAMMED not Muslims who where never given a choice of believe, but it was made for them. Other ppl are allowed by the Central teacher without being killed.

I repeat - I have had Muslims as good friends & lived with them, o have no problem with them.

I DO take issue with ppl receptivity others about Mohammed, his actions & goals, esp with the Principal of Abrogation meaning the later, unloving teachings have precedent. Better to be honest at least. I would hate to have been brought up with the expectation that I believe something & must not make my own choice of it being fraudulent or true.

I love Jesus's teaching, but am not a Christian, btw, so arguments on it are irrelevant to me. I do believe that truth is available on earth, in a testable trustworthy form (just ask me, I'm not going to push it on you).